AospExtended Pie v6.6 Changelog

June 10, 2019 Shubham Singh, Amol Amrit

  • Merge June security patch (9.0.0_r40)
  • Update all translations
  • Update all pre-built apks
  • Update all of our packages
  • Update APN configs
  • Update Weather client
  • Update Boostframework
  • Update our launcher with Quick Space
  • Add Pocket Lock feature
  • Add Sysserv support for Substratum theme engine
  • Add Pixel Navigation bar animation
  • Add Live Display
  • Add Font QS tile
  • Add Android Q’s seek bar to media notification
  • Add Android Q’s status bar battery icon
  • Add Less boring heads up feature
  • Add Battery animation in settings
  • Add a new Elegant UI theme
  • Improve UI for certain applications
  • Improve three finger swipe screenshot feature
  • Improve some UI/UX aspects
  • Improve auxiliary camera support
  • Improve Bluetooth SBC
  • Improve Location QS tile
  • Fix battery icon shortcut
  • Fix some theme issues
  • Fix AOSP WFD (Miracast) support
  • Fix audio server crashes again
  • Under the hood improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

With this release, we really want to apologise to our users for the delay in the update. With our core developers being tied up to their personal life & space we were not able to match our consistency. But this is life and it was going to happen someday or the other. This release has a lot of improvements internally and we have focused on providing stability to our users. However, the Sysserv support for Substratum theme engine might have few minor issues because it is still not stable (as per substartum devs), it is because of the high demand of users that we have merged it.

We have been consistent for about two years straight and it is all because of the love & support we get from our users. After this release, we are looking forward to refactor our release pattern a bit so that we are not bound by any time constraints as such. Thanks again for the support you have been giving us, we are looking forward to our next releases.