AospExtended Pie v6.1 Changelog

December 11, 2018 Shubham Singh, Amol Amrit

  • Merge December security patch (9.0.0_r21)
  • Update all translations
  • Add Frameworkboost support (Device specific)
  • Add Full navbar gesture
  • Add Smartnav (Smartbar, pulse, fling)
  • Add Pulse blacklist
  • Add Ambient music ticker
  • Add Expanded desktop
  • Add Expanded desktop QS tile
  • Add QS styles
  • Add option to mute with gesture
  • Add New bootanimation by Edoardo Zullo
  • Add button to AppErrorDialog to upload crash information to dogbin
  • Add support for HW encryption
  • Add Ringtone support for MSIM
  • Add cycle mode for QS location tile
  • Add Nightlight brightness mode
  • Add toggle for data disabled indicator
  • Update HW-key binding
  • Enable call blocking by default in dialer
  • Improvements in statusbar bluetooth battery indicator
  • Option to control ring volume using vol key
  • Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
  • Use custom fingerprint for re-caching
  • Remove statusbar padding
  • Fix partial screenshot
  • Fix black icon in notification cards on using dark themes
  • Fix screensaver FC
  • Fix official maintainers list in About Us
  • Launcher3: Toggle for legacy icon mask
  • Launcher3: Round corners for recent cards
  • Launcher3: Improve system theme support

There are a lot of things we did for Pie releases. Here, to list them:

  • We have revamped our download website! A new layout which will have both Pie as well as Oreo (Latest build) builds. Note that older Oreo builds to be up on this portal will depend on the maintainers. Download Center

  • We have updated the procedure for the application of official devices. Do check our Documenation repo out for the updated readmes and rules.

Our experience so far working on the latest iteration of Android, “Pie” has been amazing. Thanks to our users and community > for making our Nougat and Oreo releases successful. We would like to thank the whole Android Community, our maintainers, our testers and our users for the support